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Why Another Rainy Winter Means You Need A Drain Cleaning In Chula Vista

Today, we’re going to discuss a rather stressful and frustrating experience I’ve been going through over the past few months, in part because I want to spread a message of caution and because I just need to vent! For those new to living in southern California, it rarely rains more than a few times a year, but on those rare years where there are multiple storms over the course of a month, it can cause a lot of damage.

It all started on a weekday just after my husband left for work. I was finishing up some emails and getting ready to cook breakfast when I saw what looked like a small lake forming in our backyard.

Believing that my husband had just left the hose running, I went outside to check out what was going on. The hose was lying, off and unused, in its usual spot. The water was coming from the sprinklers, and our previously well-manicured lawn was now turning into a muddy marshland.

Panicking, I called my husband and asked how to turn the sprinklers off. The panic worsened after he paused and replied that he didn’t know how since our gardener had just installed a new sprinkler control system. After a flurry of unanswered calls to our landscaper, I managed to find the control unit and hit the ‘off’ button just in time for the muddy slurry to begin trickling into our pool.

Once I was finally able to reach our gardener, I demanded he come and survey the damage caused by the new sprinkler system. He came over later that week, fiddled with the control system, and then delivered the bad news: it wasn’t the sprinklers; it was the drainage system.

He went on to tell us that wet winters cause a lot of loose material, like dirt and dead plant matter, tended to be sucked into the drain pipes, which could cause blockages somewhere along the line. He didn’t have the tools or the know-how to fix the problem, so we’d be best served by calling up a plumber.

So began the months-long process of finding a plumbing company that would show up and actually perform the work we were paying them for. We cycled through nearly half a dozen plumbers after each one, in turn, failed to come by for the scheduled appointment or came without the proper tools to clear our yard’s drain pipes.

It became very apparent during this process that a simple Google search of ‘drain cleaning near me‘ is not enough to find a reputable and conscientious plumbing company. We should have researched the best-reviewed company in our area, which just so happens to be California Plumbing out of Chula Vista.

Their reviews speak to the professionalism and efficacy of their plumbers, which would have made the process much smoother for us and saved us a ton of money and time repairing the damage caused by our not being able to use our sprinkler system. They also have a reputation for quick and easy services, taking care of problems in weeks rather than months, which could have solved the headaches we got from working with other companies in the area.

So, let this post be a warning to all of you: despite living in sunny southern California, you are not exempt from basic house maintenance like ensuring your drains are clean! If you are experiencing a clogged or slow draining system, we highly recommend you give California Plumbing a call:

California Plumbing


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