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Irvine Custom Massage Is Therapy For The Body 

As a working mom of daughters, I often think about the pressures women face in every aspect of their lives, day in and day out. From our professional lives to personal lives, we face a unique set of challenges that make some parts of girlhood and womanhood universally relatable to almost every girl and woman. 

I try not to worry about aging, but it’s hard not to wonder about whether or not I am doing “enough” to keep up with societal expectations. 

I was confronted with the reality of aging at my recent check-up. My doctor asked me a few questions and suggested that I incorporate more physical activity into my lifestyle. I’m guessing something in the reports revealed how sedentary I am. 

As a great woman named Carrie Bradshaw once said, SHOPPING IS MY CARDIO! That said, in between taking care of my family and being my own boss, I haven’t exactly prioritized my fitness. I do spend a lot of the day sitting, whether that’s in my car, going from place to place, or at my desk, working for hours on end.

I had to do something good for my body—specifically, I needed to focus on reducing stress and improving cardiovascular health, according to my doctor. I decided to give weekly swimming a try. I figured it would be easier on my knees than, say, running. 

It wasn’t long before I became addicted to swimming. The thing is, I wasn’t prepared for the soreness! I had to stop swimming as much, which made me sad. I had read about the benefits of massage therapy and asked my doctor for their opinion. My doctor recommended that I get a Sports Massage to relieve muscle soreness and enhance muscular recovery. Sports massages encourage circulation and promote relaxation, which is what physically active individuals need to manage the demands of exercise and beyond.

I could feel my body getting stronger. And most importantly, I felt empowered. 

The physical changes gave me confidence. I was no longer worrying about aging. I didn’t start swimming to look “younger”, and yet, that’s exactly what happened as a result of my healthy hobby.

If there are any busy moms out there looking for an exercise hobby as a form of self-care, I emphatically encourage you to GO FOR IT!

My advice is to start with an activity you are already curious about, and start low and slow in intensity and frequency. Schedule in your sessions and be prepared to give yourself plenty of time in between to recover. I highly recommend asking your doctor about massage therapy to boost your progress in the gym and revitalize your mind and body. If you are in the Irvine, California area, check out Massage Matters for custom massage therapy services that target specific pain points and cater to folks of all walks of life. As they say, prevention is the best cure. Preventing injuries can help your body adjust to your new level of fitness so that you can keep thriving.

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