Massage Therapy

Irvine Custom Massage Is Therapy For The Body 

As a working mom of daughters, I often think about the pressures women face in every aspect of their lives, day in and day out. From our professional lives to personal lives, we face a unique set of challenges that make some parts of girlhood and womanhood universally relatable to almost every girl and woman.  I

Me, Myself, and The Best Daily CBD

When I was younger I’d keep a diary of my shenanigans, daydreams, and ramblings. Lately, I have been reminiscing about the good old days. Yes, I love being a working mom. I love my job. I love my kids. But I also miss the days of being young, single, and sort of carefree—sort of, because I
Recipes and Cooking Lessons

Healthy Recipes For Busy Work At Home Moms

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows that I'm always on the search for healthy recipes that can be made quickly and easily for a family on the go. My oldest has two different sports going on any one time, my youngest is just about to turn a corner
Divorce Mediation

My Best Friend’s Divorce Mediator in Orange County

Once upon a time in the sunny valley of Orange County, a strong-willed science professor named Olivia, after a long day of lectures, sat down for a drink at a bar tended to by a go-with-the-flow kind of dude named Chris. He thought she was way out of his league in looks, intelligence, and class,
Professional Plumbing

Safe Chula Vista Plumbing & Hydro Jetting

Being a Mother is like being on lifeguard duty 24/7. Seriously, especially when they are young—big enough to crawl or run around, but not wise enough to know the difference between safety and danger. As Moms, we generally worry about our kids no matter how old or wise they get. With more information than ever at
Professional Landscaping

Dinner Party Landscape Construction

I recently confided to my therapist about the challenges of making new friends as a working mom. Why is it that even with, I don’t know, millions of people in my corner of the world, it is so rare to meet those who share similar priorities and passions? My therapist validated my frustrations. She didn’t have