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The Work at Home Mom blog started with just an idea – to be a powerful and insightful connection for resourceful, nature-loving, and healthy-minded living. The owner, Rebecca, is a mom who knows what it is like to be raising little ones in the modern-day. 

On this site, you will find a variety of topics from recipes, parenting tips, and CBD resources to get you acquainted with the industry!

The Work at Home Mom has grown to include a variety of writers and contributors. You’ll notice a variety of voices but one thing remains the same – we are all real women sharing our experiences and ideas.

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Meet the founder

Rebecca Bright

Author, Lead Researcher, Nature Lover

Rebecca is a proud mom of 2 and spends most of her hiking to new destinations for inspiration and new ideas.

She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and entered the world of advertising. After becoming a top executive for Fortune 500 brands, she soon became an expecting parent to her first child.

While preparing for the arrival of her child, she became seemingly overwhelmed with responsibilities to baby stuff. She would spend hours researching every item, trying to discern which one was “the best”. After gathering mountains of tips and pointers, she decided to pull the info together into a helpful blog for other moms to explore.

Her insights also dive heavily on the benefits of organic foods, wellness, and CBD products, and hopes to inspire other moms to look into natural-based products for their children. 

For questions or collaborations don’t hesitate to contact her at [email protected] or visit our Contact Page