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How A Newport Beach Mediator Helps Couples Avoid Divorce

A few years ago, my friend Gloria packed her things and left home. While Gloria does enjoy her spontaneous trips, this wasn’t a trip she would be taking, per usual, with her spouse Mark. After many sleepless nights and long phone calls, Gloria and Mark could not figure a way out of their issues, which were slowly breaking their marriage apart. It was clear that they needed to spend some time apart, but divorce was a daunting possibility that neither of them were certain they wanted to head towards. As a result, they opted for legal separation.

A legal separation doesn’t signify the end of a relationship in the same way divorce does. The spouses remain legally married and cannot remarry. However, legal separation acknowledges the desire of the couple to live apart. The terms regarding matters including division of assets and custody will be decided in the legal separation agreement. Parties may spend many years separated; they may choose to divorce or eventually resolve their issues in order to reconcile and rebuild their relationship. Or, the individuals will remain legally separated for various reasons, which sometimes pertain to cultural values or religious beliefs.

Legal separation rather than divorce allows parties to maintain certain forms of financial and healthcare stability while living independently from one another. This is sometimes the best temporary solution as the parties live their lives separately but continue to ponder the option divorce, which one or both parties may not be ready for due to emotional reasons. 

Gloria and Mark had doubts about ending their marriage through divorce. Litigation can become a long, costly, and emotional court battle that drains both people of their resources. It is situations like these where a divorce mediator can offer helpful guidance and valuable insights, even when it seems like both people have tried everything for their marriage and yet nothing seems to work. One particular mediator is known for helping couples achieve breakthroughs—some have even rekindled their love.

After researching and reading some reviews, Gloria and Mark discovered Colleen McNamee. McNamee Mediations helps couples divorce amicably through divorce mediation, a process that is often more civil than traditional divorce. Divorce mediation promotes healthy conversation and mutual respect, addressing the needs and concerns of both parties.  

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While Gloria and Mark lived separately for some time, they continued to mediate their marriage and discover the gaps that needed to be mended. Distance indeed made the heart grow fonder. Over time, they were able to realize how they could improve their relationship and appreciate each other more than ever before. They are back to living together under one happy roof. They both credit the experience of mediation, which transformed their hot-tempered fights into calm dialogue. 

I’m incredibly happy for them, and grateful that mediation gave them the space they needed for however long they needed. For those of you in similar situations, I hope their story helps you consider how a divorce mediator can help.

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