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Safe Chula Vista Plumbing & Hydro Jetting

Being a Mother is like being on lifeguard duty 24/7. Seriously, especially when they are young—big enough to crawl or run around, but not wise enough to know the difference between safety and danger.

As Moms, we generally worry about our kids no matter how old or wise they get. With more information than ever at our fingertips, the average person is more aware and informed about the things we buy and use. For instance, talc products used to be household staples for parents with newborns. Most of us would not think twice about sprinkling some during a diaper change to keep our babies fresh and free of rashes. However, the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit has led one of the company’s subsidiaries to file for bankruptcy, “proposing to pay $8.9 billion to settle more than 38,000 lawsuits, and prevent new cases from coming forward in the future.” 

Needless to say, the thought of unknowingly exposing your children at any age to toxic substances is scary enough to drive parents crazy. Who would have thought that a talc product would be linked to asbestos speculation? I know I wasn’t the only Mom who was recounting all past diaper changes with horror and fear that my own children held similar fates to those who made claims in the lawsuit.

Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, and as parents, it’s our responsibility to be careful and keep our children safe. Just the other day, my youngest kiddo managed to climb atop the counter and almost knock over everything, including glass cups and ceramic plates.

Kids can clog up anything, including the toilet and sink. Because I have dangerously curious children, I am wary of having any strong cleaning agents around the house. When I do have a clog, I call California Plumbing and let the pros handle it. Be aware of the hazards of drain cleaners and consult with a professional whenever you can. I also advise against drain cleaners in general, as they can cause damage to your pipes, leaving corrosion, without thoroughly cleaning the entire clog.

Children are often unaware of what they get themselves into. I guess you could say the same about adults. I have a friend who tried to DIY unclog their pipes with a snake and ended up getting the snake stuck in the drain because they did not know how to maneuver the device. Ironically, they had hired a professional plumber at the end of the day to remove both the clog and the snake. And guess who fixed it? A Chula Vista Plumber I recommended.

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They have a fix for just about every plumbing issue you can think of. Even if you have clunky tree branches clogging your drains, they can remove almost any clog. Hydro jetting is a powerful plumbing solution that blasts water pressure through the pipes, removing debris with high PSI water alone, and no chemicals. The hydro jetting machine must be handled by a trained expert. If you have a plumbing issue, give California Plumbing a call today!

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