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My Best Friend’s Divorce Mediator in Orange County

Once upon a time in the sunny valley of Orange County, a strong-willed science professor named Olivia, after a long day of lectures, sat down for a drink at a bar tended to by a go-with-the-flow kind of dude named Chris. He thought she was way out of his league in looks, intelligence, and class, but they shared an undeniable attraction akin to magnets. She could talk all day about biology, and he could talk all day about beers. It was love at first sight. 

They had their ups and downs, but despite breaking up and dating other people separately, they would always find their way back to one another. Maybe it was the chemistry of oxytocin or the gravitational pull of physics. Whatever it was, the universe, with all of its unexplained phenomena, had decided that these two were logically—or perhaps, illogically—wired to be together. 

Together, they gave birth to a beautiful baby, a miracle that Olivia could not explain, even with her vast scientific knowledge of reproduction.

But as the years went on, Olivia found herself in the midst of yet another unexplainable biological change. Chris used to cause her pupils to dilate, her heart to race, and her cheeks to flush—all of the signals of affection between two lovers. And yet, that wasn’t happening anymore…

…at least not with Chris. 

She hadn’t lost her libido. It was that the passion she had lost for Chris could only now be found in someone else.

A woman. 

 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

— A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

Olivia was a woman of logic and facts. She knew that leaving Chris would break his heart, but that staying with him would break hers. So rather than hide her lustful secret, she came clean. She came out of the closet. 

Instead of a lawyer, she turned to McNamee Mediations to settle the divorce fairly and amicably. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Chris. The skills of their mediator allowed them to close their chapter as soulmates as lovers, and open their chapter as soulmates as friends and co-parents. 

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Olivia is my best friend and her best friend—after me, of course—was Chris. And thanks to their divorce mediator, they still are best friends.

In their newfound relationship as friends and former spouses, the mediator facilitated a discussion about their questions and concerns about the division of assets and custody, and more. 

I can’t say enough about how much I admire Olivia and Chris for the way they collaboratively separated. And from what I have heard about their mediator, many couples also have chances at a peaceful divorce but simply don’t know. Divorce is life-changing in so many ways, and not all of it has to be negative. 

Olivia and Chris are some of my favorite people in this world. They are happily in love with new partners, and I couldn’t be happier for each and all of them. The name of their divorce mediator is Colleen McNamee. If you are seeking divorce mediation, you can give McNamee Mediations a call today.

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