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Our Obsession With True Crime And My Tailgating Horror Story

Why are we so obsessed with true crime?

Perhaps “obsessed” is a strong word. But we certainly can’t seem to stop watching and talking about true crime. By “we”, I’m referring to us women, among which the genre has surged in popularity. As a busy mompreneur, I rarely have time to unwind, watch a movie, and relax. And yet, I somehow always make time for my favorite weekly true-crime podcast, a show that doesn’t relax me in the slightest. But I can’t stop tuning in—I’m hooked. 

I think the reason why we can’t stop watching and listening to true crime is simple:

We’re scared.


At night, we are constantly scared of being assaulted or followed. Even public spaces aren’t safe—we risk being harassed, catcalled, or heckled at. We can’t turn on the news without hearing horrifying stories of vulnerable women being preyed upon and disappearing. 

Learning about the mind of an attacker gives us a sense of comfort, a sense that we will be able to spot red flags when they become apparent. True crime might be more educational than entertaining, and as the name of the genre suggests—it’s real. We, women, have the natural gift of empathy; when I hear stories of real acts of violence being committed against real women, it’s hard not to empathize with the victim and wonder: could this ever happen to me?

This blog post is not easy for me to write. But I am sharing my experiences in hopes that it will help someone else, perhaps a fellow woman if they are ever in a similar situation. 

Rain Drops On Vehicle Windshield

I was driving home on a rainy evening after having dinner with my best friends. As I exited the highway, I noticed that I was the only car taking this exit, except for one other car that tailed closely behind me. I got even more nervous when the other car kept tailgating me, intersection after intersection. 

And then they rear-ended me. 

I panicked. 

My mind started racing. My imagination ran wild. I froze. 

Here I was, hit by a car, on a rainy evening, alone at an intersection, too afraid to walk out of my car to photograph the damage and ask for the other driver’s information. How could I? I would rather stay locked in my car and pay for the damages myself than make myself vulnerable. 

By some crazy stroke of luck, another car approached the intersection, driven by two women, who slowed down and pulled up beside me, as if they knew I was scared.

It was like they had a sixth sense.

The driver that rear-ended me immediately drove away, but not before one of the women in the other car rolled down their window and took pictures of the scene of the crash and the other car’s license plate.

I called 911 immediately. 

The police arrived, filed a report, and told me that since the driver who rear-ended me drove away, I would need the pictures from the female witnesses and their contact information, as well as a car accident attorney who was familiar with the San Diego area. This was a hit and run, and I would need a personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation I deserved for my injuries, emotional distress, and vehicle damage.

The two other women consoled me as I sobbed. They told me that they stopped and pulled up beside me because they had been in the exact same situation just a few months ago! And thankfully they found a lawyer who fought for their case and was able to recover compensation for their bills. 

I will be eternally grateful for these women who protected me and referred me to the Villasenor personal injury law firm because without my witnesses and lawyer, I don’t know if I would be able to write this blogpost. I pray that you will never need one, but if you ever do need an auto accident attorney, I highly recommend giving Villasenor Law Offices a call immediately.

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