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A Workplace Injury Shouldn’t Put Your Life On Hold: How To Find And Work With A Personal Injury Attorney In San Diego

When we created this blog, our primary purpose was helping other parents discover ways of starting and running their own businesses from home while taking care of their families. We wanted other people in our situation to know that they could support their loved ones both financially and through housework while never really leaving their sides.

Something we don’t usually go into is how we ended up here, as our backstories usually aren’t interesting or helpful for our target audience. For today’s subject, we decided a little bit of our background may be helpful to those members of the audience who have gone through something similar.

One of the primary reasons I got into creating a home business was due to an injury I experienced on the job. This injury forced me to stay home and stop work for quite some time, so I needed some extra income and something to do during the long days spent recovering.

My previous employer was an industrial manufacturer that produced a commonly used component in a variety of industries. I was part of a team that worked on the warehouse floor to package the parts and get them ready for shipping.

This process involved the use of hydraulic industrial machinery to wrap up the boxes being sent out. While no expense was spared in the upkeep of the machinery used in the manufacturing process, the same could not be said of the machines the packing crew used. The hydraulic systems leaked constantly and one or more of the machines was frequently out of order for weeks at a time.

Thanks to the cyclical nature of the production workload, the layout of the warehouse needed to change frequently, which meant that these machines would be frequently moved. One day, a machine that had sprung yet another leak was moved out of the way, and the hose left a long trail of fluid along the floor.

Upon coming into work, I had no idea that there was a problem when I stepped onto the warehouse floor. Approaching my station, I didn’t see the liquid on the dark floor and managed to put my entire bodyweight into a patch of greasy liquid, sending me into a hard fall that wound up fracturing my wrist.

In the weeks following, it seemed like the worker’s comp process would go smoothly – the company did what it was supposed to do, and referred me to all the insurer-proscribed doctors and specialists. The nature of the fracture would require a few months off the job, which meant I’d be totally reliant on the insurance payout to continue living.

Unfortunately, problems arose once I began sending claims to the insurance company. I noticed I was not receiving the promised compensation, and when I contacted them to inquire why, they told me the case was under review

A month went by with no attempt by the insurer to contact me. Money was quickly running out thanks to the medical care I was receiving, and my partner and I were getting very anxious.

At the time, we didn’t know what to do. I began selling some items online after taking a course some years ago on e-commerce, and found that I was pretty adept at figuring it out. This saved us in the short term, but we were still waiting on the insurance payout.

I was lucky in that I found a skill that I wasn’t aware I had and was able to monetize it to get through a tough period, but many people who have a similar story are not so lucky. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten in contact with a personal injury lawyer after that first month.

Back then, I thought personal injury lawyers were only used to sue individuals or businesses, and I certainly had no interest in suing my employer. What I didn’t know is they can also be used to pressure reticent insurance companies who are delaying or trying to find a way out of paying out their obligations.

One of the best PI law firms in the San Diego area for these situations is Villasenor Law Offices. The law firm got its start in the insurance industry, which means it knows the ins and outs of how insurers work and what you need to do to help grease the wheels and get your compensation.

While I was able to make my situation work and find a new calling, not everyone is so lucky. For them, the right move is to call a PI law firm like Villasenor and get the ball rolling and get the full insurance payout that they are entitled to.

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