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Believe It Or Not, Working from Home Isn’t All Cupcakes and Rainbows

June 18, 2017 By

I think most people have this vision in their heads of what working from home means. Rolling out of bed at whatever time you wish. Strolling into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. Still in your pajamas, you make your way to your desk and leisurely begin work. I, too, had that vision. I dreamed of kicking my feet up on my front porch and typing away in the gentle breeze of the outdoors. Doing what I wanted, when I wanted. Working where I wanted. And never having someone breathe down my neck. And Then, Reality Hits Working…


Freelancer Profile: 5 Steps To Making A Killer Impact

May 13, 2017 By

Ah, the dreaded freelancer profile. The profile freelancer nation cringes at the mention of. The one that makes even skilled freelance writers want to run and hide. Why? Because the freelancer profile is supposed to get you more clients. It should showcase all your talents, even the ones you don’t think you’re so great at. Your profile opens you up, makes you vulnerable. It basically says, “Here I am. Here’s what I can do. Now hire me!”. And it can be quite intimidating, honestly. So, here you are. Stuck with needing a freelancer profile, but not knowing how to make…


The Best Jobs for Introvert Moms

September 20, 2016 By

If you’re like me, you’re a shy mom. You prefer to be in the company of…well…yourself. And that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with you. But it can make finding a job a little more difficult. Even a work at home job. You would think working from home would be easy even if you’re shy. But, if you comb through all the work at home job listings on the web, you’ll find a ton of customer service jobs. What do these jobs require? Speaking to people, day in and day out. Oh, the horror! But don’t worry. I know your…


10 Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms

July 9, 2016 By

Work from home? Is a work at home job tangible? YES, it is! So, you want to work at home? As a mom myself, I know how important it is to spend as much time as you can with your children. Luckily, there are tons of work at home jobs available; you just have to know where to look because they are, unfortunately, not always as easy to find as on-location jobs are. To help get you started on your work from home job journey, here is a list of what I believe to be some of the best work…


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